Enterprising by nature– that’s a term you’ll likely use to describe those living here.  You’ll love our fun-filled summers, delighted with our Ag festivals, roused by our nightlife, inspired by fertile grounds and farmscapes, soothed by the ripple of flowing waters in our rivers and lakes, and exhilarated from biking the rolling hills of the Glacial Ridge Trail.

Being loved, being connected to the people you want to hang out with, being hip, being a good parent, giving your child a leg up in the world, and generally having all our dreams come true... it's what we call a #SwiftSuccess

If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about moving to Swift County. And you’re not alone. Swift County’s stable economy has seen a surge since the recession, with plenty of jobs and a high quality of life for all of our residents. Our vibrant mix of rural amenities, small town comfort, rich midwestern heritage, and recreational activities create an environment unlike any other.

Picture yourself at home in Swift County.  Discover real estate, your new career, activities for you and your family, dining and entertainment, and community services. We think you’ll be delighted and surprised by what your find. But don’t worry, you’ll get use to it.